Event, Bar & Venue design

Plan & 3D visualizations

In the event industry, plans and 3D visualizations have become essential tools. They not only help to persuade clients but also allow suppliers to understand the requirements and enable checks on different levels.

Visualizations offer a clear view of all production-related matters such as seating plans, props lists, asset lists, guest flow, fire exits, etc.. The benefits of visualizations are endless and they are not limited to temporary events only. Pop-up bars or permanent venues also require visualizations.

In the concept development phase, it is crucial to generate an overall picture before ordering items such as chairs, tables, bar units, light, etc.
Clients: Arsenaal / Magazijn 44 / Ion for Wave Agency / Omer Vander Ghinste for Lucky Lemon

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  • General plans
  • 3D visualizations

In the case of Publika, a bar in Ghent, the visualizations were even used to obtain heritage protection approval by the urban development services.