Technical Event Production

Truckworld was an exclusive launch event in Rome for Bridgestone's new line of truck tyres, attended by dealers, fleet and media from over 30 countries. The client requested live demonstrations and tests to be held at their proving ground in Aprilia, which presented a challenge due to the lack of facilities like water, electricity, wifi, …

Once the concept was created, I started to look for local suppliers of geodesic domes, AV production materials, rental furniture, car wrapping companies, constructors, toilets, satellite wifi, generators, etc.

I created a plan in 2D and 3D, along with a comprehensive building book, since we only had 4 days to do the complete build up. I was in charge of the entire technical set-up and responsible for managing all local suppliers.
Client: Wave Agency

  • What I did
  • 3D design + plans
  • Technical Production

Together we created a fully self-contained setup in an isolated location.